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Play By Mail, Play By eMail or Play By Modem = PBM³ (PBMCube).

A proper archived version of our old site is available from Archive.org

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PBMCube is a service mark of Stephen Gose LLC and a publishing arm of this private software development corporation. PBMCube publishes games not only from our in-house development team but also from multiple independent game developers. Our software development team prides itself in the release of innovative and unique game designs for the gaming community. We have 263 games in various stages of development of which 105 are deployed.

Going forward, PBMCube.com will offer information about game development related "stuff", Indie developer demonstrations in web-friendly formats, and industrial gaming news. You can learn more about our history here 

We are a commercial branch of Stephen Gose LLC since 1997. You may contact us throught our corporate site


PBMCube is a central site for the PBMCube Affiliate Gaming Network. We run a US-based and Eur-based Gaming Servers from our vertical Internet supporting organization: GIS