What are my Membership Rank Options?

Here is our new PBMCube social network and point system.



Cubits Required

Initial Membership Rank

Registered Guest


Level 2

Level 2

Level 3

Level 3

What is BitCoin?

BitCoin is the most widely used alternative currency. It has no central issuer; instead, the network regulates Bitcoins’ balances, transactions and issuance according to consensus in network software. Click here to know more (Wikipedia). PBMCube and many of our game developers now trusts this new technological wonder and supports it. Browser-based MMO Developer Bigpoint Bets Big With Bitcoin German online game developer Bigpoint has shifted to allowing users to purchase virtual in-game items with bitcoins. As a video game developer, the company has been huge in the free-to-play market where games are released for free to giant audiences and money is made by publishers through selling virtual items in the games themselves—this has long been touted as the perfect place for a virtual currency (such as Bitcoin) to be the go-to-currency.

In order to use BitCoin, you will need a personal wallet. There are several to choose from here.

Members can earn BitCoins from PBMCube.com by performing a variety of actions in our community; this is a new (optional) membership feature that requires BitCoin Mining while you are logged into PBMCube. The BitCoins you mine cooperatively are yours to keeps and use as you wish.

Is PBMCube a free web site?

PBMCube.com is a totally free site! We do not require any registration or payment. You can play for free and freely on any games featured in our various game genres. When you become a “registered Guest”, you begin earning points in our PBMCube system. Points are called “Cub-its”.

May I publish my games on PBMCube.com?

Absolutely! If you are an author of a game developed with Flash, Java, HTML5, JavaScript, Shockwave or Silverlight, and you would like to distribute it on PBMCube, you can do several things:

1) Register as a Game Developer. You will have special access to upload your games.

2) You can send us an e-mail via the contact,

3) You could join our collection of game distributors.

How can I earn points?

There are several ways to earn points:

  1. Play Games
  2. Rate Games
  3. Comment on Games – If Your Game comments receive positive ratings, you will gain more points.
  4. Win high score medals in a game or a category.
  5. Submit Highest Scores for a game or a category.
  6. Win Challenges, contests and tournaments

How many points can I earn?

Community points:

2 Points – Update
2 Points – Leaving a reply
2 Points – Uploading a group avatar
2 Points – Group Update or Reply
15 Points – Completed Friend Request
2 Points – Avatar Uploaded

Game Activity:

2 Points – Game Comment
15 Points – Game submissions


15 Points – Becoming a Member


2 Points – per game played (45 seconds minimum)

How are points used?

Your level will automatically rise as you earn points. We’re still working out the details of what kind of privileges and potential prizes that points and levels could be used to unlock.

Game Comments: The more answers you provide to questions or responses; the more points you earn.

User nameDuring the registration process you may choose any nickname you like! Your nickname should contain not less than 5 and no more than 15 characters — upper and lower, numbers or symbols. You may not use a nickname that has already been registered by somebody else or ones that breaks the terms of use.

What are badges?

Badges are collectable digital awards that you can win simply by doing a variety of actions. For example, playing your favorite free web games on PBMCube.com; playing all — or a percentage of — games in a specific category; or winning tournaments and contests. Badges represent your skills and perseverance in the games you play.

Some badges, such as Mastery, denote a rank that only one member at a time may possess. These rank badges can be won by playing a single round contest, tournament or highest scores. Others, such as Lifetime Total Score, must be earned over multiple (or even many) contest rounds. The more you play and the better you perform, the greater prestigious your badges will display! In addition, rare and unique badges may become available only for a short time, and can be won by completing certain challenges, quests, performing missions within a single game or finding hidden items throughout PBMCube.com.

All badges you win will be stored in your membership records Album. You can view your awarded badges in your profile. You can learn of currently available awards, trophies, badges on the contest pages and membership area — a special area on PBMCube.com where only members and registered guests are permitted inside.

Best of all, once you’ve won a badge, it’s yours forever, so long as you’re a member in good-standing on PBMCube.com.

So log in and start collecting now!