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Are you a Game developer? Looking for a distribution channel to share your game(s) and increase visibility? Well then, Look no farther! Here, on we have supported game developers and provide a great platform to get your game in front of our gamers from around the globe.

It's what we've done since 1997!

New games are published frequently on our site! That\'s why we\'re always searching for fun, quality browser-based games to enrich our collection of 85,000+ games. We have a variety of game classifications, and we are always open for suggestions and new category ideas, modes of play, or something completely new.

There are only a few rules that your game submission should follow. It should ...

  • Be interesting, original, fun, innovative and professionally creative.
  • Provide good quality artwork (i.e., concerning its graphics, animations, and sound effects).
  • Be a supported browser JavaScript game (i.e., "HTML5 Canvas" or "WebGL game"). Adobe Flash is currently accepted until DEC 2020.
  • Not contain any misleading links nor excessive advertising (... more than 2!). Read about our Affiliate Program  and tap into our advertising!
  • Arrive at its "main menu" within 20 total seconds from initial page launch (advertising time is included as part of that initial page launch)

Please use the form below to submit your game and we will review it as soon as possible. If it meets our critieria above and is not rated beyond PG13 (Teens) - we will publish it!


PBMCube Team