CubeVille™ -- an Online Life-Simulation Game

Create your ultimate dream-life and improve your character

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About the Game

CubeVille™ is an online life simulation game into cultural ethnics & social studies, in which, you control your PBMCube Networked Gaming Membership personae. You buy vehicles, items, properties, interact with other members socially, and perform many other activities.

Main features:
  • Explore "Gaming Portals" and "time travel",
  • Grow your personae's characteristics,
  • Buy items and acquire Properties,
  • Buy, Upgrade, and Race your vehicles against others,
  • Earn income from your adventures, activities and simulated career(s),
  • Develop your characteristics in the gym,
  • Earn a real education from actual college courses.
  • Explore various careers, and time travel adventures
  • Advance your citizenship levels, popularity, respect and renown!