This Community and Gaming Network Membership has been a dream of mine since 1980! It's an online version of the Phoenix Wargamers' Guild. I've tried several times to launch such a program online at MegaComm BBS, and those early transitional days of onto the Worldwide Web.

This is my third attempt, and I'm eager to hear your opinions. 

This Syndicated Gaming Membership website is drastically different from any membership sites you may have experienced. Your membership account, in a way, is very similar to "Jumanji" — a 1995 American fantasy adventure film directed by Joe Johnston. "Registered Guests", "Subscribing Members", and "Life-Time Patrons" will "masquerade" inside a characterized personae of your choosing. You perform various  community activities to enhance your personae's skills, talents, and abilities.  In short, CubeVille™ and the newly updated game site become a "Membership Role-Playing Game". You might also have "Avatars" — again, very similar to the movie by the same name! You use your "avatars" to travel into various "Portals".

Portals are "worm holes" into fantasy, historical, or futuristic Gaming genres. While  "traveling", your membership account earns: wealth, status, popularity, renown, and characteristic enhancements from your avatar's activities in the "Portals". If your avatar meets deadly situations? Not to worry, just drag it back to CubeVille™ and simply "repair" your Avatar suit.

  • "Career Portals" lead you into various virtual careers, specialized qualifications, and training in CubeVille™.
  • "Education Portals" grant real-life college credits! Yes! You could even earn a real-life college, Masters, or Doctorate degrees through our Affiliations! I'm not kidding!
  • "Gaming Portals" take you into various gaming genres, playing modes, and themes.
  • "Historical Portals" drop you into the past.