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Community Badges

Posted by admin on August - 29 - 2013

Membership Rules

By joining PBMCube Membership Network, you agree to the following rules:

  1. Members are permitted only one membership account.
  2. You will keep Game Review topics relevant and not use it to advertise any third-party product.
  3. You are responsible for keeping your account safe by using a strong password and not sharing it with anyone.
  4. You agree to be nice. Harassment — of any kind! — is not tolerated.
  5. (if you create one),Your avatar will be created from PBMCube avatar generator. You are permitted to freely distribute it.
  6. Non-verified Accounts that are inactive for 30 days, will be automatically demoted to “Undead”.

Community Badges & Medals to earn or win!


  1. Supporter: The Supporter badge is given to users who help out in the PBMCube Game Reviews Forums.
  2. Hunter: The Hunter badge is earned by users who report and/or help resolve website bugs through the “report links” on each game page.
  3. Hero: Hero badges are earned by purchases from the PBMCube Game Store.
  4. Developer: The Developer badge is earned by users listed as indie game developers — a special registration required — with game favorite ratings.
  5. Beta Tester: special registration required.
  6. Webmaster: special registration required.
  7. Merchant: PBMCube Store Merchants can earn the Merchant badge based on sales and product reviews.


    • Socialite: post to Google, Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest
    • Loyalty: one award for every year ‘active’ on
    • Treasure Hunter: possess 10 golden cubes
    • First Contact: send a postcard to Steve Gose Game Studios.


    • Visits: (10 bronze, 30 silver, 100 gold) Logged on Visits to PBMCube
    • Category Champions: played over (10 bronze, 30 silver, 100 gold)% of games in a category
    • Quests:


  • Contender: Enter an active contest, tournament or competition
  • Bronze Trophy: came in 3rd place
  • Silver Trophy: came in 2st place
  • Gold Trophy: came in 1st place

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